Why Handbags Are Essential and How to Pair Them with Different Outfits
February 20, 2024

Handbags are an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe. Nowadays, new designs of handbags are being released daily into the market by other brands. Your purse completes your fashion sense. Hence, it can make or break your style.

However, bags are more than just fashion items. They can be likened to vessels that hold various things we often need to carry on with our day. You can keep your wallet, cosmetics, mobile phone, books, and even drugs in your handbag for use later in the day. When shopping for any bag, you must note its durability, affordability, and style.

Here is a list of why you need to invest in purses:

1. For easy mobility

Have you imagined what mobility would be like to carry your laptop, books, and other items by hand to school or the office? It is impossible to take on this safely on the road. Bags provide a solution to this problem. There are different styles of bags in various sizes, and depending on the number of items you are carrying, you can choose a shoulder bag, backpack, or satchel. Moreover, it guarantees the safety of your belongings. Without a bag, it is easy to lose something.

2. Fashion

Investing in quality handbags is a proud way of showing off. Your bag can give you away if it is not marked rightly with your outfit or shoe. Also, donning designer bags in public is an excellent way to flaunt your wealth and maintain a particular social class in public. Often, it is said that “dress the way you want to be addressed.” With the right pairing and dressing sense, you’ll command respect instantaneously anywhere you go.

That said, you must learn how to combine an outfit with the right type of purse by answering the following questions and following specific tips:

A. Where are you going?

Generally, your destination would dictate a large percentage of what you wear. If you’re stepping out for elaborate events, you would need a clutch in color matching your shoes. For a casual outing, you can use a shoulder bag, tote bag, or backpack, depending on the number of items you wish to carry.

B. What color of outfit are you wearing?

While it is becoming an old fashion to match the color of your belt with your shoes and bags, it is essential to combine colors to complement one another. Follow the basic rules of complementary colors as they appear on the wheels. For instance, you can carry a red bag in a black or white outfit.

C. No patterned on patterned

Although a few people are rocking pattern-on-pattern outfits, it still looks awkward. The same rule extends to print bags; do not wear patterned bags on patterned clothing.

In conclusion, you can reduce having pairing issues by keeping a neutral-colored wardrobe. Also, you can get bags in cool and neutral colors such as black, white, and grey. Green is also a nice color that pairs with lots of other colors.