How Do You Keep Your Home Decor Clean Always
March 7, 2024

Keeping your home decor clean and fresh is every owner’s dream. When your home decor is neatly arranged and clean, you will be enthusiastic about inviting friends or colleagues over. Cleanliness, they say, is next to godliness. Hence, it is not only ideal for you to maintain a tidy space, but it’s also refreshing to watch it so.


Cleaning is a chore, and although it often appears simple, it demands caution. The following are tips to help you efficiently clean up your space:

1. Clean any marble item regularly

Marble is a masterpiece but usually gets stains on it quickly. Hence, do not delay cleaning any spill on it. If such a spill takes longer than usual, removing the stain may not be easy.

2. Keep your wood surfaces clean

Although wood counters rarely accumulate dirt, it requires frequent cleaning. As many have portrayed, wood is not resistant to dust or dirt. Therefore, clean as often as possible and do not leave spills longer than usual. Spilling liquids on woods would consequently cause them to become weak.

3. Keep the air filters clean always

Treat your air filters the same way you treat marble or wood surfaces. If the air filter is blocked with dirt, it cannot effectively function. Some air filters are washable and, therefore, reusable.

4. Get a leather conditioner

One way to ensure your leather cushions last long is by conditioning them. This way, the cushions would not dry out or crack. Also, you can sweep the cushions or vacuum clean them. After that, you can pick soft clothing or microfiber cloth to dust all particles on the sofa or cushion.

5. Sweep your carpets regularly

If you have a vacuum cleaner, it is your best bet to get your carpets neat at all times. Otherwise, you have to sweep it manually and mop away all dirt and stains thoroughly.

A steam cleaner is an innovative device that does deep cleansing, and it is generally preferable to typical vacuum cleaners.

6. Wipe all items

They must be cleaned weekly regardless of whether it’s an antique object or an insignificant item like a wall clock. However, restrain from using wet clothes on metal surfaces to avoid rust.

7. Create a cleaning schedule

This works best for anyone involved in a 9-5 job or anyone who finds it challenging to engage in daily cleaning. You can choose a particular day of the week, primarily weekends, to clean the whole house. However, when dealing with some of these items, you must take extra care because they are delicate or made of fragile materials.

In conclusion, don’t overlook the cleaning of any space or item. Even the tiniest object needs cleaning. Wash all washable items and dry them with a soft piece of clothing. It would help if you cleaned as often as possible, especially once you noticed a stain to prevent permanent dents on the items. Occasionally, take out your cushions to dust them while you wash your curtains and rugs.