Four DIY Home Decor Crafts
March 22, 2024

Home Decor items may be expensive, especially when you desire colorful prints, designs, unique shapes, or styles. However, you need not break a bank to decorate your space. You can make certain craft items independently and would still look as fantastic as a ready-made one. All you need is getting required materials which are often cheap. The following are some of the home decor DIYs you can try out:

DIY Frames

This is an excellent alternative to photo frames. They look amazing on the walls, with different colorful designs matched together to make a masterpiece. What do you need? You can start with a plain cardboard piece and some watercolors and paintbrushes. This is ideal if you’re good with art. Otherwise, you can search a list of art ideas on the internet and print out a theme that catches your fancy. Attach them to plain walls or insert them into portable frames and place them on different desks. It barely costs more than three to five dollars.

DIY Crate Table

This is a fantastic piece to add to the center of a room. On the contrary, you don’t need to be an expert in wood carving before making such a table. You only need four crates which can be gotten online from Walmart, Amazon, or Michael Crafts with four equal furniture legs. Although they may come in adorable colors, you can repaint them. After getting these two items, you’re good to go with assembling them.

DIY throw pillow

Throw pillows are ornamental pieces available in different sizes and shapes. More importantly, they are easy to make. Get a piece of cloth cut into four equal sizes; stitch these fabrics together on all ends, leaving the top opening. Fill in with foamy materials and stitch to close the top. For male decorative pillows, you must have access to beautiful fabrics. To achieve different shapes, cut the fabrics in the desired shapes you want before sewing. For scalloped pillows, you need a pillowcase to make felt circles. To make a perfect circle, place a cup on your chosen felt sheet and use a pencil to trace around. Cut the circles carefully.

Arrange each circle on the pillowcase using fabric glue. Ensure these circles are multi-colors and are spaced equally.

DIY Canvas Rug

Rugs can be expensive. Hence, DIY is a better alternative. How do you get started? Get a canvas and iron the wrinkles out. Lay it out and tape out six to eight big stripes with painter’s tape. Paint the other stripes in any color (preferably black). Wait till it’s completely dry before taking out the tapes. Lay the painted canvas on a rug pad (with a good grip).

Apart from saving costs, DIYs are unique concepts. There’s hardly any decorative item you cannot make a DIY of. Moreover, technology has eased everything. You can watch practical videos on social media such as YouTube. However, you need to do a comparative cost analysis. If the cost of a ready-made item is lower than the price of materials you need to make one on your own, it is best to go for the ready-made one.