What You Need to Know Before Shopping for A Purse or Bag
January 28, 2024

Your dressing is never complete without a bag. It is not ideal or safe to keep essentials in your hands while moving about. Hence, purses are functional items more than they are accessories. They are available in different sizes, designs, and shapes; online stores can also have them.

With multiple designs of handbags and purses, it may be challenging to pick the right one. Without proper planning, you may make the wrong choices and spend overboard. When shopping for any purse, take note of the following:

1. Brand

This is relevant if you are looking for something luxurious. The list of designer bag brands is endless and includes Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, etc. They are homes to classy bags in various sizes, colors, styles, and shapes. They are made of quality materials and can be pretty detailed.

However, other brands are doing amazingly well. If you have a particular brand in mind, go for it. It saves you from browsing through an endless collection of handbags.

2. Budget

As mentioned above, designer purses are pretty on the high side. Although Budgeting limits your choices, being strict will save you both costs and time. When you visit a high-end store, you may be tempted to spend extra dollars.

3. Do window-shopping

Preferably online. Create a list of reputable online stores in your region and find time to browse through the collections. Most websites provide the sorting icon to check based on costs and trends. Note the specifications you want or take a “screengrab” and visit the store if you’re not convinced with their online shopping service.

4. Function

Are you looking for a purse to carry only your phone and some money? Do you need a comfy bag that holds all your school items? The purpose you wish the bag to serve would determine the shape and design you would settle for. A good bag has good material texture and can carry enough items than budgeted for. If you need a bag that doesn’t weigh you down, go for a backpack or cross bag.

Also, if you need a purse for an outing or formal events, handheld clutches are ideal types.

5. Size

Wallets are the most petite purses and are only big enough to take your phone and money. Hence, this factor flows from the discussion on function. How many loads do you want the bag to carry? If you bring your laptop to work every day, you may need a satchel.

Make sure you check the bag’s dimensions and test with a few items.

6. Outfits

When picking any bag, you must consider how they match your outfit. This will also determine the color you choose. If you keep a sizeable neutral color wardrobe, you will worry less about your bag matching your outfit color-wise.

7. Storage

If you want your bag to last, you must store it in a cool and dry space. Except if it’s made from leather, bags can’t cope with the heat. Therefore, if you’re a lover of big bags, you must be ready to make space for them in your closet.