The Pros and Cons of Electronic Devices
February 12, 2024

Technology is constantly evolving. Hence, specific devices such as mobile phones, which have been around for so long, are being upgraded with improved features. This is the same with other electronic devices. However, these enhanced features may be just as dangerous as their uses. Hence, we must take great care in dealing with these electronics.On one hand, electronics serve the following purposes:

1. It assists with efficient cognitive learning and analytical skills development

Electronic Devices such as mobile phones and computers aid in learning. Apart from taking online assessments, different games sharpen a child’s analytical skills and promote deep thinking. For instance, solving puzzles may become relevant in mathematics or real-life situations.

2. It promotes effective communication

With the advent of various devices, pieces of information are readily accessible. Data and information are constantly uploaded on multiple sites and platforms, accessed with any internet connection. The common platforms are Google, YouTube, and messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. You can quickly get in touch with your friends and families from anywhere in the world.

3. It improves entertainment

You can get entertainment from different electronics such as television, radio, MP3 players, mobile phones, etc. Also, with a strong internet connection, you can access a lot of visuals on different social media platforms (e.g., Instagram) for your entertainment.

4. It provides convenience

The main objective of all electronic gadgets is to provide comfort and convenience. It reduces efforts put into completing significant tasks in the home. For instance, a vacuum cleaner sweeps the room; a blender crushes fruits and foods; the fridge, oven, and microwave serve to preserve foods and reduce the stress of preparing fresh foods all the time.

5. It improves productivity

Apart from home, various electronic devices are produced for applications in the office, manufacturing companies, schools, and hospitals. Without most electronics, the work rate would be slow and negatively impact the outputs. For instance, industrial machines in the manufacturing sector help bulk goods. Also, it has changed the health sector; most equipment used in hospitals heavily relies on electricity to function.

Despite all the above advantages of electronic gadgets, they may also be used to one’s disadvantages. The cons are:

  • It increases loneliness

As a result of social isolation, people are becoming more independent. A group of five friends may be in the same space without sharing a single word while busy on their phones. Messaging platforms have displaced old forms of communication and interactions.

  • It may require expertise

Although all electronics come with manuals, some equipment may require more explicit explanations and practicals. Failure to learn the ropes may lead to electrical hazards such as shock or death. This is the case with most industrial machines.

  • It may be too costly to run

If the bulk of your home consists of electronics, the possibility you would invite high electricity bills is high. This is one of the advantages of gas cookers over lecture cookers.

In conclusion, the disadvantages of using electronics can adequately be managed with great care and adequate planning.