Sports Wear Maintenance: Mistakes Every Athlete Make
January 25, 2024

There are specific clothes made for athletes like other sportspeople. These uniforms are uncommon, hence the need to properly care for them. During the washing process, sportspeople make inevitable mistakes. However, you can avoid them by:

1. Avoid ironing

If you’re in the habit of ironing your training wears, you should stop immediately. These wears are not made from heat-friendly materials and hate high steam. Therefore, ironing can cause clothes to lose thermoactive properties or valuable properties. After washing, spread your clothes and shake properly. When you do this, no creases will be noticeable.

2. Use a low temperature to wash

It is preferable to wash your sportswear with your hands. However, if you must use a washing machine, set it to a low temperature or suitable for your wear. Hence, you need to stay on standby when washing your clothes. Using high temperatures can cause clothes to lose their properties. There are smart options provided on some washing machine, one of which is for sports wears. Switch to this temperature before washing your wear. On the other hand, if your washing machine does not have this option, set the temperatures below forty degrees.

3. Use gentle detergents

Although sports wears are made of quality materials and can withstand enough, they are very sensitive. Hence, you need to restrain from using bleaches, rinsing liquids, and stain removers. Instead, buy gentle washers. Nowadays, cheap and specialized detergents are produced and distributed in the market.

4. Wash regularly

As an athlete, there is a need to train as often as possible. This means you have to wash your training clothes regularly. It is not desirable to keep them in the laundry basket for too long. It may breed bacteria and a bad smell. It helps significantly if you soak in vinegar before washing. It is an excellent alternative to aggressive bleaches or stains removals.

5. Do not wash your sportswear with other clothes

Sportswear needs a particular type of washing compared to suits and pants. Also, the zip of your pants may damage your sport wear unknowingly.

6. Turn your wear inside out

During workouts or training, you sweat a lot, resulting in bacteria build-up and inactive skin cells. Therefore, you should turn them inside out before washing them when you need to wash them.

7. Stop using fabric softeners

Clothes softeners usually leave some coating on your wear which retains odor. Also, long-term use results in a build-up of certain elements, preventing detergent or water from penetrating the fabric.

8. Avoid storing them in heated places

Sport wears are often elastic. Elastic clothes should not ideally be kept under a heated atmosphere. Hence, wash them with cold water and air dry them.

9. Air dry your clothes before washing

After returning from your training session, your first instinct would be to dump them in the laundry baskets; however, this is not the best. Spread them out in an open space to allow air access to it and get the sweaty odors out.

More importantly, you need to take care of your training equipment and accessories. You should also keep them in a cool and dry space.