Seven Items Every Athlete Should Own
February 18, 2024

Athletics as a form of sport include track and field events. Generally, it is a group sport that cuts across jumping, running, swimming, throwing, walking, etc. These track and field events are performed on already laid down tracks.

As an athlete, one must have certain items that are pertinent to the performance of any of such events.

Here is a list of essential things that any athlete should have in no particular order.

Air humidifier

It is not uncommon to find athletes gasping while racing. Mostly, this is because the air in their lungs has dried up. An air humidifier moisturizes the air in your lungs and thus, prevents them from drying. Undoubtedly, any amount one purchases it for is worth it because a dry set of lungs can lead to nosebleeds, snoring and even make you susceptible to colds and other infections.

Foam roller

Another critical item to possess as an athlete is a foam roller, and they are very affordable. In addition, they are also very portable. If you have a travel-size foam roller, you can easily carry it with you anywhere. It works through a process known as myofascial release, where one applies pressure rolling the body weight against the foam roller to release tight spots and lengthen muscle tissue. Foam rolling is considered therapeutic.

Water bottle

Water bottles are needed to keep athletes hydrated all the time. For this reason, any such water bottle must be handy, durable, and convenient to drink from, even during training.

Recovery slippers

After a long training session or game, your feet might want to retire into more comfortable fluffy wear. Recovery slippers help the feet have a good feel, mainly because they are breathable and soft. Different brands of slippers are available but vary according to size and quality.


Athletes need to concentrate and block every noise away from their ears. A portable headphone is recommended for this purpose. It serves as a source of inspiration, relaxation, and concentration. Typically, headphones are not expensive to get, only if you wish to go high level. However, it’s essential to know that headphones vary in price, depending on their qualities.

Medicine kit

Indeed, no one wishes to get hurt while doing anything, but getting hurt is not avoidable. Apart from getting hurt, one might need to get a medicine kit to keep any counter-allergy drugs if one is allergic to anything. This helps athletes to be in good health and achieve excellent performance. Also, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea if a bottle of hand sanitizers was included.

Yoga mat

In the case of training, yoga mats are needed to help athletes stretch easily. To some extent, it encourages athletes to stretch often and easily because it reduces their risks of injury while at it. Yoga mats also make running core circuits outdoors possible as athletes will perform abdominal training better.

In conclusion, to achieve utmost performance as an athlete, it pays that you get these essential items. However, it is crucial to note that this article does not exhaust the items needed for athletics.