Seven Essential Storage Tips to Make Your Purses Last Long
February 25, 2024

If your handbags are constantly scattered on the bed, floor, or tables, it is high time you devised a new means of organizing them. It increases the lifespan of a bag and makes your room less messy. This also saves you costs of repairs or buying a new one so soon. Fortunately, there are different innovative means of storing your bag.

Seven Essential Storage Tips to Make Your Purses Last Long

First, you need to decide if you’re keeping them on display or simply packing them away in a safe box. If you keep your bags in containers or baskets, you can keep pests and dust away with dust bags. If you like them being displayed, you might want to reconsider that, given the stress of wiping them as often as possible. You may need to fill its interior with papers and nylons to maintain its shape. This process would also remove any creases or avoid drooping.

1. Find a space and install door hooks

You can hang your bags on the door hooks, especially if your closet is out of space or non-existent. Otherwise, you can drill nails into a makeshift surface and hang all your bags.

2. Wire racks

Wire racks attached to doors can secure your bags. Also, you can get a standing frame, especially for clutch purses without straps. Positioning it in one corner of your room makes it more attractive.

3. Install Acrylic Dividers

Acrylic dividers will help space your purses on the desk or shelf. It also prevents your bags from moving to the inner depths of your closet.

4. Stack your purses vertically

You can get a six-section wardrobe to stack your purses vertically. Arrange in order of sizes. For instance, you can keep large-sized bags in two spaces, arrange shoulder and cross bags in one, and your clutches in another compartment.

5. Using a shelf divider

You can also improvise with a shelf divider by organizing just how many bags it can contain at a time. It also makes sorting easier.

6. Invest in storage bins

There are different storage bins available at affordable prices. However, you need to make sure they are vertically arranged and well-spaced. Hence, you may need to get more than one storage bin and consider the type that best fits your space.

7. Create a space in your closet

As with clothes, you can create a wardrobe space for your bags and sort them based on function, colors, or size. Also, there is a popular tradition of keeping bags close to your shoes. You can utilize this division rule and stack your bags on the upper part of your shoe compartments. Storing away your clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes in one space makes dressing up easier and faster.

The above are only a few keeping purses or bags from heat destruction. There are other means of keeping them safe, and you can also improvise with uncovered boxes or linen drawers. The most important part is they should be stored in a cool and dry place.