Seven Essential Items You Can Frame
February 1, 2024

Apart from photos, you can frame tons of objects or items for various reasons. They create unique adornments and bring out the creativity in different designs. These items are:

1. Ancient drawings and Maps

Maps aren’t just visually appealing exhibits for your walls, but they are also full of brilliant colors and unusual texture. Furthermore, any chart or graphics might offer specific messages while telling a story.

Consider framing an ancient map of your town or of somewhere you look forward to visiting to customize the display. Perhaps you have an architectural or schematic drawing of a building or your favorite pastime.

2. Puzzles/Jigsaws

Puzzles demand focus, smartness, and dedication to complete, and they are well worth displaying in a gorgeous frame. A framed jigsaw is a lively and distinctive wall decoration that shows not only your hard work but also a beautiful image.

Puzzle frames are ideal for use in offices, playrooms, or any room that requires a splash of color.

3. Currencies

If you have some old foreign currencies you failed to change into dollars or spend overseas; it might just be the right time to put them to use. Using glue, you can combine them to form a rectangular or square shape and frame it. They are average uncommon and, therefore, unique.

Apart from currencies, you may also collect pictures of different stamps and frame them into a collage picture.

4. Magazines, books, or comics covers

Covers are colorful and personal, suitable for your basement or office wall space. There, you can flaunt your favorite books or comic characters.

You can print out these covers and have them framed yourself or by an expert.

5. Handwritten pieces

You may want to hold on to these personal items for a more extended period. Hence, they are not only framed for aesthetic purposes. They would make a great addition to your bookshelves and desks.

Therefore, you can frame a letter written to you by an old lover or some marble words written by yourself or a close ally.

6. Clothing

Surprising right? You can also frame clothing materials, but they must be neatly done to look appealing. This is the appropriate step to take to lock away a child’s baby experience or keep an autographed shirt or jersey. Also, when you receive a gift from your favorite musician at a concert, you can frame it up to your wall. More so, this is one of the best gifts you can present to anyone.

7. Flags

A flag’s display isn’t limited to merely the flagpole. Like ancient maps or drawings, framing the flag of your favorite place or country helps you personalize your space. It tells something about you immediately anyone enters your space.

Essentially, you can frame any exquisite item of yours as long as it can fit into a frame and looks aesthetically pleasing. If the particular item struggles to fit in, you may use it as a painting. Also, certain items require expertise to place them appropriately in a frame.