Seven Electronics Appliances and Their Uses in The Home
January 31, 2024

The importance of electronics cannot be overemphasized. Whether you’re setting up a new space or getting a gadget for convenience, there is a list of must-have appliances, and they include:

1. Electric Cooker or Oven

Although there’s a wide range of cookers, including gas cookers, the electric oven is the best and surely helps you conserve funds. It is also the cheapest. Electric cookers are essential in any home for the preparation of foods. Likewise, the oven is a must-have for all baking work.

2. Blender

Blender is an upgraded version of a manual grater. It can come in different cups – one designated for dry items and the other for liquids. It functions as a “crusher” for your pepper, fruits, and vegetables. The bottom of most blenders has a blade that a motor propels when plugged into a socket. It is a fantastic option to make all types of smoothies you want. It may also serve as a mixer.

3. A refrigerator

Except during the cold weather, there’s always a desire to take chilled drinks. Even more, the fridge serves as a preservative machine because it helps store a lot of perishable items by freezing them.

4. Water Heater/Electric Jug

This is an essential part of every home. Apart from fixing a water heater that pumps hot water for bath in your home, you can also have an electric jug in your kitchen. It saves time and effort of struggling to put water in a kettle and on fire.

5. Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner cleans the home. There are different types of vacuum cleaners in different sizes and shapes. Although some are cordless, they still require power through electricity. It works with different floors, draperies, upholstery, among other surfaces.

6. Microwave

Gone are those days when leftovers belonged to the garbage. Nowadays, you can store away foods or leftovers in the fridge and warm them with the microwave once you’re ready to eat them.

7. A computer system

Access to the internet is fast becoming a criterion to fulfill most tasks. Also, the number of people working from home has increased, given the pandemic. Hence, there is a need to set up a computer space in your home. Although hand-held devices like phones may serve most of these functions, a computer system consists of a lot more. For instance, you need one to print out documents. Also, some sites are only accessible via a desktop. Regardless, it provides comfort and convenience to get any job done with little or no distractions.

On the other hand, computers may serve educative purposes for children in the home. It has a wide range of applications to improve their cognitive skills, such as playing intelligence games or taking online tests.

In conclusion, electronics function in the home may be divided into two – for the kitchen and the living room. While more appliances are found in the kitchen for convenience sake, others such as television, air conditioner or fan, game consoles, etc., are essential features of other spaces in the home (especially the living room).