Picking A Picture Frame: What You Need to Consider
February 8, 2024

Taking photos is a great way to preserve the memories you have. Better still, you can add them on your plain walls to remind you of better days on your gloomy days or for decoration. You can also present a photo frame to your loved ones on different occasions. Therefore, it is important that you put great thought into your pick. Here are a few points to note:

1. Pick a style

There are different frames ranging from tabletop to collage to shallow box frames. Also, it can be made from metal or wood. The function of the frame would largely determine your choice. Pick a wall frame if you have very little space on your desk or shelf. If you wish to put more than one picture, a collage frame is your best option.

2. Choose a specific size

Frames also differ in size. It is often measured in dimensions, e.g., 8 by 10, 12 by 16, 12 by 18, 16 by 20, 18 by 24, etc. There are also square-shaped frames such as 8 by 8, 12 by 12, 18 by 18, etc. The size of the picture you’re using would ordinarily determine your frame sizes. To bring out the perfect shape, taking the right measurements is important.

3. Color/design

If you’re gifting a friend, using a neutral color or patterned design is preferable. However, if you customize your wall with photo frames, you need to make sure it matches your interiors, such as the wall backdrop or painting. It doesn’t have to blend with the walls but should contrast aesthetically. Therefore, choose a beige or black frame for sophisticated interior decor. In contrast, a wooden frame would fit a traditional setting or a ribbed metal for a vintage look. In short, there is a pool of designs to pick from.

4. Select one which complements your picture

Apart from choosing the best fit for your walls or backdrops, it is essential to consider whether it matches the image you’re putting. Choose funky frames with unique designs for colorful pictures, while a black frame would fit professional photos more and bring out a modern look.

5. Appeal to senses

Since most photo frames are for aesthetic reasons, then you should pick frames designs that appeal to sight at first glance.

6. Durability

This factor depends on the quality of the material. Usually, frames are made from metals, glass, and wood. Do not select any plastic or fiber. The best designs are often wooden-made and are suitable for all kinds of interiors (whether modern or traditional).

Furthermore, apart from picking unique designs, you need to examine the molding type. There’s a wide range of molding techniques, including Italian prime, glaze oak wood, Maison, and metropolis moldings. While glaze molding offers protection for your item, Italian prime molding offers a sleek outlook.

In summary, you must not forget the purpose for which you’re buying the frame. Hence, the picture fittings and safety matter a lot. Better still, you can pre-shop on the internet before heading out to a physical store.