How To Make A Picture Frame
February 7, 2024

Picture frames are great home decor designs, and although not all frames are expensive, you can save so much with a DIY project. Apart from using them as decorative items, you can also give them out to friends and families. This article explores three ways in which you can make different photo frames.

1. A Cardboard Frame

  • Get colorful cardboard and cut it into desirable rectangles sizes. Note that it is the frame size and must be big to ensure the picture fits in on all sides.
  • Measure your picture
  • Using the exact measurements, cut out a smaller rectangle from the cardboard’s middle.
  • Make designs on the frame. It could be an art painting, pattern making, or figures. You can use pencils, crayons, or even pens to make these designs.
  • Add paper decorations. You can adorn the frame edges with paper decorations using glue. Paper decorations often come in different shapes, such as hearts, diamonds, stars, and symbols. Alternatively, you can use buttons, stickers, clothes, and glitters.
  • Cut a different cardboard right about the size of the frame. Attach this to the frame back and seal three sides. Keep the last part open for sliding your picture in.
  • Slide in your picture, and it is done.

2. Popsicle-Stick Frames

  • Find seven to eight Popsicle sticks and cover them in patterned tape or design them with paints, markers, and colored pencils.
  • Collect the sticks and attach them using glue. It is easier when they are arranged horizontally or vertically. Arrange two sticks vertically on each side and the remaining horizontally. However, you need to ensure there’s no crack in between, and the glue is not apparent. This would form a frame.
  • Decorate the frame
  • You can add accessories such as beads, ribbons, or buttons.
  • Attach pictures that fit the frame size, preferably smaller. It leaves space for more accessories or decoration. You can attach photos with tape, push pin, or glue.
  • Finally, you can attach magnets to the frame’s back, making it easy to hand on magnetic surfaces such as the fridge.

3. Stick Frames

  • Gather as many sticks as possible, depending on how thick and big you want the frame. Collect sticks without forks or knobs only.
  • Arrange the sticks and trim to an equal length (about 12 inches each).
  • Remove any leaves, dirt, or better still, wash the sticks.
  • Divide them into a group of three
  • Lay each group carefully to form a rectangular or square shape with one stick on each end.
  • Place these three groups side by side to form a longer frame
  • Fit your picture in the middle, leaving space around the four edges for decorations
  • On each corner, join the sticks with twine using glue.
  • Finally, you can cross the sticks diagonally on the back to hold the picture firmly.

In conclusion, DIYs can come out perfect if you strictly use the best materials and follow the procedures. Also, there are different videos you can download and watch online to guide you practically.