How To Decorate Any Space
February 26, 2024

The feeling you get designing or redesigning a new space is incomparable, particularly if you’re obsessed with beautiful interiors. As exciting as it can be, it is a huge chore that may be too overwhelming. It is usually because you must consider your taste in different items and still expect them to match up. Here is a detailed guide to help you get started on this journey:

1. Don’t rush to pick your furniture

There are a lot of factors that determine what your furniture would look like. If you shop for furniture before the whole house finishes, you probably make poor choices. Another reason for this is measurement problems. It would help if you took note of the space you’re bringing the sofa into. Otherwise, you may be stuck with very little room to manage after getting them in.

2. Take appropriate measurement

Following the above premise, you need to measure the room and decide the number of pieces you are bringing. The measurement includes the length and breadth of the room, window, and door frames. If curtains are yet to be hung, you must consider that. Often, curtains tend to make a space look smaller.

3. Make a floorplan

You can make one with either pencil and paper or automating software such as AutoCAD, Magicplan, etc. A floorplan shows a finished look of your space.

4. Decide what you want to do with the remaining space

Apart from choosing the curtains, you need to consider how you design the remaining space; you might decide to add seat cushion or something related to this. However, it all depends on the room you are going to decorate as some even do not need to be filled with much furniture.

5. Create a budget

Set a budget ahead of curating a list of items to shop for. This will prevent you from splurging on unnecessary luxurious items. Generally, it is always good to make a list of what you are going to buy, it is rather to spend sometimes at home then going around on the market confused. So, it will not save your money but also time.

6. Execute each phase

Make a list of all decorative steps you need to take and tick off one after another. Remember, shopping for furniture should be after significant changes have been made to the space. That is, your rug or mat and curtains should match with the cushion colors.

7. Personalize every design

You need to take note of your taste and dislikes while considering other people you live with. For instance, you may need to sit with your wife or husband to choose designs and layouts.

To sum up, careful planning is always to the best. From the beginning, all you have done is plan. You can now show your favorite designs and pieces. However, stick to your floor plan and do not spend extravagantly over the budget.