Essential Supplies That Must Be In Any Sports First Aid Kit
February 8, 2024

Sporting has gone well past activities that are meant only for athletes alone. Nowadays, both sportsmen and non-sportsmen alike engage in one sporting activity or another. As much as this continues to gain people’s interest, it is also crucial that we keep in mind the possibility of getting an injury while we are at it. To this extent, the importance of first aid kits cannot be overemphasized.

First aid means the immediate treatment given to an injured person before proper medical attention. It can be administered at home, school, field, or anywhere such sports accident occurs. However, certain essential items must be present in a first aid box in administering first aid. Some of the items are mentioned below:

Methylated spirit

It is very much likely to have a cut while sporting. Methylated spirit clots the blood from any such sports accident and aids the faster healing of a wound. It is regarded as one of the most common items in a first aid box.

Ice packs

Sports accidents can come in various forms, from an ankle sprain, knee strain, swollen joints, or bruises. In such cases, it’s medically recommended that you put ice cubes on the injured area to cushion the effects of the injury. Ice packs come in different sizes depending on which part of the body they will be applied to. They are convenient because no refrigeration is required, giving about twenty minutes of relief.


In case of a dislocation in the joints, a bandage is required to keep the injured area in shape till it’s healed. Bandages are stretchy cotton materials that are useful for different types of injuries. They can also cover cut skin parts after the methylated spirit has been applied.

Saline pods

Like the bandages, saline pods are also used for different types of injuries, but they’re used to cleanse the surfaces of all wounds or cuts. They’re also used for cleansing the eyes if there’s something stuck in it or the nose if drops are coming out of them due to allergies. Saline pods only have one-time use and are completely safe for use.

Alcohol wipes

As much as they can be used as hand wipes, they can also be used to sanitize the skin if you don’t have soap and water nearby. They are ideal for treating minor cuts and scrapes before a proper dressing.

Rescue blankets

A rescue blanket, also known as a safety blanket, is very useful in sporting injuries. In cases of hypothermia (a situation whereby the body loses heat faster than it creates, thereby making the body temperature lower than usual), rescue blankets are beneficial as they help retain the body heat of an injured person. It’s also used in cases of shocks.

Indeed, it is a very long list of items, but the ones mentioned above should do in case of any emergency in sports. As much as we cannot do without sports, we should also try to prepare ahead of contingencies in the course of the activity.