Eight Amazing Purses Designs
February 17, 2024

Handbags are much more than vessels that hold our essentials. A dressing is incomplete without one. You can make a statement or pull an intense look with the right type of handbag. Ladies own at least one handbag in their home, which they pair with appropriate outfits. Handbags are in different sizes, and small-sized bags are often regarded as purses. There are available in different shapes and styles, including:

1. Shoulder Bag

It is called so because it is worn over the shoulders. It is produced in different sizes and can hold as many essentials as possible. Hence, it is not only stylish but also functional. You can wear a shoulder bag to any outing, whether formal or casual. They fit just any dressing as long as the color matches the outfits.

2. Crossbag

Like a shoulder bag, a cross bag got its name from how it is worn across the body. It usually has a single strap but is smaller than a shoulder bag. One fantastic thing about this bag is that it permits you to carry it hands-free. It is the ideal type of bag you carry when running errands, traveling, or attending a function. It is lightweight; therefore, it can only keep a few essentials and won’t weigh you down the whole day.

3. Satchel

Satchels have two handles. One you can cross over your body or hang on your shoulders and the other with two short straps for the hands. They look fantastic and are identical to typical suitcases with sufficient space for different items, including laptops and books. Except you have a long day ahead and need to carry heavy-weight items, it is unsuitable for errands. It is a lovely bag for school and is classy and adorable as well.

4. Tote bag

Tote bags have been around for ages, and they are suitable for different settings (primarily casual). It is the best bet for your daily haul. It has two tiny straps and no closure. Hence, you can easily pick out items and drop them within seconds. Depending on the quality of material used, you can wear them to work or school.

5. Evening Clutch

Clutches are fantastic hand-held purses that adorn your dinner or evening wears. Clutches are generally designed for formal outings such as dinner dates or gala nights. You can wear them to glamorous events such as weddings when it is covered in sequins. While some are made with detachable straps, others are made as just a wallet.

6. Backpack

If you feel too burdened by handbags, try backpacks. Contrary to popular belief, backpacks are not made exclusively for students. Adults can do the same backpacks to work or casual meetings with nice outfits.

7. Woven Basket purse

This has been around for several years and is constantly refurbished into modern looks. It pairs nicely with boho outfits such as straw, raffia, rattan, and wicker fabrications. They’re also ideal for jean-shirt or jean-top combinations. Nowadays, they are often seen at the beach.

8. Wristlet

They are worn on the wrist and are enough to carry some money and your mobile phone. It is best for a minimalist look.