Different Types of Picture Frames
February 4, 2024

Picture frames or photo frames are increasingly popular as wall and desk accessories. They are perfect for all kinds of interiors and also cheap to maintain. More so, they are often durable. Although there are different frame types, we usually do not pay attention to them. However, knowing the various types of frames and how they function would help you make excellent choices for your home decor. They include:

1. Poster Frame

As the name implies, it is often as big as a poster and rectangular in shape. The frame is often tiny, putting attention on the poster or prints; thus, they are not intensely decorative. Also, the frames often have more straightforward designs.

2. Collage Frames

A collage means a collection of various things in one. Hence, if you’re looking to fix more than one photo or picture, a collage frame is your best option. You can join as many as thirty pictures in one frame. There is no maximum number of images you can add, and it depends on the size of the frame. For instance, you may need to decrease the size of each picture if you’re putting as many as thirty images in the most diminutive-sized frame. Collage frames are more colorful when the images depict one event or have the same background.

3. Shadow Box Frames

This frame is deep and ideal for displaying shallow things such as sentimental or memorabilia items. This frame preserves any item engraved in it and is protected with glass.

This frame type comes in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Hence, it is suitable for keeping baby shoes, medals, clay handprints, or jewelry. The inner must be deep enough to accommodate the item and not arranged close to the glass. Also, you can use glue, tape, or pins to attach items to frames.

Furthermore, you can also use it with flat items such as photos or postcards to give a mirror outlook.

4. Floating Frames

This frame consists of double layers of acrylic or glass. Any piece attached to it appears floating on the wall because you can get a view of the backdrop or wall. It is highly decorative and also offers a sophisticated look. With this frame option, you can keep your design neutral without unnecessary patterns or colors.

5. Digital Frames

This is a modern type of frame with lots of display pictures. It allows you to download images and store them on a memory card. Also, it has customization features for users, and therefore, you can set a picture for each day or have a slideshow of all images contained in it. Digital frames, however, work with electricity and batteries.

6. Document Frames

Its primary function is to display certain documents. Thus, they are often made in specific sizes. Examples of items you can make this type of frame for include certificates and awards. They are commonly seen in offices and made of simple designs.

In conclusion, picture frames may also be classified based on their display types, sizes, and material types. Hence, we also have tabletop frames, wall frames, and metal and wood frames.